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Which Web Tools Are Experts Using?

Have you ever asked yourself which are the tools that experts are using? The difference between a rookie and a pro is represented by the tools used.

We’ve made some strong research and we found that the below tools are exactly what the experts use. You will find 14 tools that will accelerate your work.


MuffinGroup BeTheme

BeTheme is a versatile, elegant and easy to use product by the Muffin Group, which provides you with a big library of themes for your WordPress website. You can create and fully customise your site the way you want, as you are given 12 predefined skins, 4 different grid layouts, an awesome layouts generator, 7 different header versions and unlimited backgrounds that can be uploaded into any section you want.

Moreover, BeTheme works perfectly with all available browsers, whether they are Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox or even Opera, it is 100% fully responsive, looking great on any mobile device and it has parallax effect video background, so that you can upload videos, put text, images, buttons or other graphical elements and enjoy the great looking sections.

However, that is not all, as you can manage all of these awesome features in a powerful admin panel, which will guide you all the way through the designing stages and your visitors will also love how fast your site is, because all the themes are fully optimised.


Now another tool for the ones interested in administrating and promoting a website – – an online tool that helps you take automated screenshots of your website. Anyone can do it for free, but there will be obvious size restrictions. As they describe themselves, the fastest capture time possible is provided so it’s all about the client.

You can pay for each of a handful of great features, for less than $10 a month, like custom sizes and full-length previews that, along with inside page analysis, turning you into a promoting hero. Testing breaking points for responsive websites and scheduling automated captures in almost any plugin you might want has never been easier. Go check it out and you will not be disappointed.


You can also profit from Flyzoo’s Responsive Chat on Mobile, meaning that layout will automatically adapt to mobile devices. You can choose from four different mobile modes for smartphones. The mobile layout on external window launches an external window with the mobile version, which leads to providing a lightweight by the external page, having as a result fast solutions for sites where a complex HTML/CSS/JS might affect the chat behavior.

You can also set a custom image for the background. By opening a custom page on the site, you can build a dedicated page on your site to host the mobile version, which is useful to add custom elements like menus, images etc. You don’t have to start from the scratch because Flyzoo provides you a very simple template to help you build the page in a few minutes!

Furthermore, if you want to start a group chat on an external window, you have to assign and launch a group chat on an external window, which is available on Safari, Chrome and Firefox.


If you want more than a random glyph, flat or material icon for your brand, you should check Iconfinder, the largest icon marketplace.

They help designers make a living doing what they love and help you get the personalized icon with their custom service. You just complete the design brief, filling as much information about the company or product and who the target audience of the icons is, to build an accurate image of what you need.

You set a deadline and you will soon get a quote from the best designers in the world, as they are handpicked by the Iconfinder team, if anyone is open to new projects (so you might not want to set a very short deadline). And the overall process, from choosing the designer to paying is mediated by the platform.



Simbla is a free website maker platform, that requires no install and just a few simple steps! Therefore, in order to build your own beautiful site, all you have to do is to sign in, purchase a domain, choose a template, gather some content and then you’re ready.

Afterwards, you can create new pages and populate them with various site elements and widgets simply by dragging those to the page.



Themify’s Builder is another great tool for designing your WordPress pages, as it is really efficient and easy to use. You can create many layouts, you can edit them how you wish and you can benefit from a lot of awesome features that will enhance your site’s appearance and usefulness.

For example, you can use the Live Preview mode to see your changes in real life or you can choose from the many extendable add-ons, such as image pro, slider pro or infinite background.



OptinMonster’s form builder is one of the most intuitive in the industry, as with point-and-click simplicity, you can customize the message, colors, images, and more.

It helps you bring back some of your website visitors, by using many cool features such as page level targeting, which allows you to easily segment your email list by showing unique forms and offers on different sections of your website. Using OptinMonster, publishers are seeing a 200 – 600% increase in email signups, that’s something!



Run your business on time with actiTIME time tracking software. This easy and helpful software counts every minute spent on work and you always know where your time has gone. actiTIME powerful reports provide you with the detailed information on project progress and employee performance. Get a better insight into your business.



Another thing that makes Pidoco so special is the fact that it is designed to engage people because the interactive prototypes bring your ideas to life and are an ideal way to engage your stakeholders. Everyone can experience and understand clearly critical design decisions just by clicking through a prototype.

You can easily create and edit mockups and get working prototypes in front of the client without having to worry about the compatibility issues. It’s very helpful for those in the field of digital design!



When talking about Xfive you should immediately think about a supporting team with a sole purpose: delivering quality content letting you relax in the back. Whatever design tool you prefer – Sketch, Photoshop, AI – you will get a modern and functional front-end. And there is more: they will cover the scripting part and the backend too.

You can count Microsoft and eBay through their customers so why wouldn’t you add yourself to the list?



If you are an edge developer you should take a look and join the beta at They offer a wide set of integrations for your websites to lower security risks and loading time. BowTie sites leave the database behind, providing the features of a content management system without the maintenance burden and security risk.

Developers build custom interfaces for clients to easily update content.


Themezaa HCode

ThemeZaa helps you design your website beautifully, thanks to their great templates for WordPress, many of them that you can find on the H-Code Theme. It is very easy-to-use and fully customizable, thanks to their big range of useful features.

For example, the powerful admin panel will let you do all theme changes like fonts, colors or layouts, the visual composer will help you build your website from scratch and the shortcodes can make your website look even more advanced.



48hourslogo is a better platform than many for launching a logo design contest because it’s really easy to use, it’s intuitive and most important, fun. You can obtain a professional logo made by talented designers really fast.



Squid Ink offers you pixel perfect icons, that stand out thanks to their clean and fresh flat design, being meticulously crafted to challenge the most trained eye. There are 3 types of icons: flat, line and solid, that are divided in many categories.

Therefore, depending on your website’s theme, you can choose what icons fit the most (whether it is a clothes store, a photography blog or a gaming channel).

Which is your opinion? Go ahead try these tools and after a week share your opinions here.

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