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Why You Can’t Afford to Miss the UX Strategies Summit 2015!

David had come to the end of his rope. His once-promising business venture – into which he sunk not just his money, but funds from friends and family — was sinking into quicksand because he had failed to take the most basic steps to make “user experience” his number one priority.

He needed help. Now. So when a friend recommended attending the UX Strategies Summit scheduled for San Francisco, California on 9th to 11th June 2015, he decided to travel across the Pacific for this three-day event. David realized that if he didn’t turn things around fast, it could signal an end for his business. Here are the steps he has begun to take to launch a journey toward a new business model that could be his salvation.

Why the Summit?

Ever reached a crossroads? You’ll find one in San Francisco if you opt to join David at this year’s power meet-up where theory, practice, inspiration and practical information converge to send attendees home with the strategies they need to take their businesses and personal lives in new directions. Expect an assault of ideas primed to not only fuel your employees with energy and purpose, but user experience tools, product savvy and business acumen, all meeting on a level playing field to drive home contemporary trends you, David and everyone else will want to learn to empower and grow their futures.

Who Should Attend

What will you learn?

In a word: Plenty. The three-day UX Strategies Summit, organized by the Global Strategic Management Institute, will include workshops, symposia, guest speakers, business-building activities and social interaction with peers that have the potential to change the way you think about your approach to business, your competition and your long-range objectives. Divided into three themes, you can look forward to learning about the following during your time in San Francisco:

Day 1:

Absorb all there is to know about collaboration and leadership. Find out how designing a unique corporate culture that prioritizes innovative products, services and concepts is compatible with team building. Discover ways to encourage your employees and team members to take risks to achieve creative outcomes. Don’t be surprised if a new mission statement comes about as a result of your attendance.

Day 2:

Explore the world of design and research from a new perspective. Learn why design-driven innovation is king and discover why research, testing and development are the engines speeding corporate trains forward into the future. Learn about usability testing, prototyping, customer journey mapping and complex interactions that can make or break businesses of all sizes.

Day 3:

Focus on UX, branding and product creation fueled by contemporary tools and theories that range from social media to cutting-edge equipment and tools that can revolutionize the way your business operates. Expand your understanding of device interface, find out how user engagement adds value to UX design and discover ways to deliver an exceptional brand experience in keeping with your long-term objectives.

What’s your next step?

Register for the UX Strategies Summit 2015 online and transfer funds or mail a check to cover registration fees that save your place before organizers cut off registration because their limit has been reached. Why cut off the number? Because information slated for the Summit is best dispensed within reasonably-sized groups that allow for plenty of discourse and interaction, rather than arena-style environments where everyone gets lost in the crowd. Use your favorite airline consolidator to find the best San Francisco direct flights and plan to use the free airport shuttle to get to the Summit venue from the airport early enough to settle in and prepare for your immersion.

Where to stay?

Because the UX Strategies Summit 2015 will be conveniently held at a location providing both meeting rooms and lodgings, you don’t have to worry about getting to and from remote locations. Everything is under one roof at San Francisco’s Marine’s Memorial Club and Hotel, located at 609 Sutter Street; San Francisco, CA 94102. This landmark facility serves as a living memorial to the U.S. Marine Corps which makes it a unique place to hold this event and since the Club is located in the heart of the city, you don’t have a lift a finger once you arrive.

During your stay, enjoy full American breakfasts daily, a cocktail reception each evening on the hotel’s rooftop, complimentary use of a fully-equipped business center, in-room, high-speed internet and access to a state-of-the-art fitness center and indoor lap pool. A special rate obtained by sponsor Global Strategic Management Institute is yours if you register before 20 May 2015 by calling (415) 673-6672 and mentioning the UX Summit to get the discount.


Who’s on board?

The dynamic list of guest speakers and facilitators already committed to driving the UX Strategies Summit might just take your breath away. Hear from world-famous business leaders, each of whom is ready to share inside information about how they achieved success so you can follow their lead as you also follow in their footsteps.

Keynote speakers Whitney Quesenbery (Center for Civic Design), Intuit’s Klaus Kaasgaard, Patrick Neeman representing Apptio and Center for Citizen Experience’s Jess McMullin are the keynote speakers prepared to push attendees out of their comfort zones so they think, act and perform in new ways once they leave this three-day event.

Keynote Speakers

Leaders from Columbia Sportswear Company, GE Capital, Charles Schwab, Unisys, Wells Fargo and Facebook are but a few of the people with whom you will interact during this intense experience, and few industries and interests were left out of the mix when speakers were chosen.

Why should you go?

You don’t have to be in David’s shoes to recognize the epiphany you’ve had of late that led you to suspect that while things are going well on all fronts, your company will continue to be vulnerable to myriad assaults. These can be prevented if you learn to spot such vulnerabilities within a clearer picture of what’s on the horizon, thereby avoiding having to compromise your business plans, projections and even dreams.

Find out how to recognize the threats, opportunities and vulnerabilities borne of a fast-changing world where today’s fad can become tomorrow’s biggest trend.

Fact is, the UX Strategies Summit 2015 is worth taking a trip half-way around the world, because you could bring back the destiny of your personal and business future—no suitcase necessary for claiming your share of tomorrow, by the way.

If you wish to learn more about how to design compelling experiences through successful UX strategy, this conference is definitely for you. Register before May 8th and save $200!

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